"Life is a Brain Condition 2"
by sabine7 / September 5, 2007
Stefano Pedrini's website claims that "life is a brain condition" and who's to say he's wrong? Pedrini's art is a mix of street art and cartooning, mostly in black and white. The artist uses markers, drawing directly onto the canvas without any pencil sketching beforehand or during the process. To Pedrini, the blank canvas is a cloud and clouds are the doorway to fantasy, so once he gets started, he keeps going with his images until he is finished, "sculpting" the image as he goes along.

Artist: Stefano Pedrini
+ p3dro.com

New York 2


http://mocoloco.com/art/archives/004475.php http://mocoloco.com/art/archives/004469.php
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