"Untitled (Waterfall)"
by sabine7 / August 24, 2007
Jackie Tileston’s paintings are rich tapestries of form, flow, colour and style. The artist mixes eastern and western aesthetics, having lived in Manila, India, London, Paris and the U.S. Tileston sources abstraction, classic Chinese landscapes, Hindu deities and computer images, creating a fascinating panorama. Her upcoming exhibit is entitled Adventures of the Semionauts and this quote sums up some of these ideas quite nicely: "The activities of DJs, Web Surfers, and postproduction artists imply a similar configuration of knowledge, which is characterized by the invention of paths through culture. All three are "semionauts" who produce original pathways through signs.....The semionaut imagines the links, the likely relations between disparate sites". - Nicholas Bourriaud, “PostProduction” (p.18), 2005

Artist: Jackie Tileston
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Jackie Tileston's exhibit opens Sept. 7 at the ZG Gallery in Chicago and runs through Oct. 13.

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