"Edith Piaf"
by sabine7 / August 21, 2007
Jenny Hart brings contemporary verve to the traditional art of embroidery. An artist first and foremost, to Hart embroidery is a type of very-focused drawing. She grew up influenced by her brother’s comics, inspiration that finds itself on her works of cotton. Hart’s embroidery may be old school, but her subjects are anything but: Iggy Pop, the White Stripes or the lovely ladies pictured here are just a few of her hand-stitched gallery. In addition, Hart’s company, Sublime Stitching, offers an incredible array of embroidery patterns of the here and now. Uh-oh, we feel a new hobby coming on …

Artist: Jenny Hart
+ jennyhart.net
+ sublimestitching.com

Marianne Faithfull
Dolly Parton


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