by sabine7 / May 14, 2007
Until June 5th, a self-portrait of artist Pawel Althamer will be flying in Milnao’s Parco Sempione. The 21-meter balloon (70-foot) is part of Althamer’s show, One of Many, at the Nicola Trussardi Foundation. This exhibit has a lot to do with the concept of identity, aging and the narcissism of art. As Althamer says, “You should be surprised by your own reality. It’s exotic sometimes.” But even more apt are his following words, “On Earth I feel like a newcomer, someone who’s here only for the time being… I’m only passing through, paying a short visit and I don’t know where my voyage will take me. But I feel that I have a mission, that I found myself here after all, I’ve to fulfill my obligations.” And the balloon sums that thought up perfectly.

Artist: Pawel Althamer
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