by sabine7 / March 31, 2007
When Nigel Peterson and Deborah Walsh subtitled their Grass/Jelly blog “a boy a girl agar”, we knew it had to be good. And it was better. This is the pair behind the 120 litres of jelly on the grass display on the lawn of the Suter Gallery in New Zealand. It’s not a complicated idea: whip up some beautiful jelly molds (burying dolls in some!) and display the gloriously jiggly final product in all its splendour. But the splendour in the grass doesn’t last forever. Eventually jelly that tries to survive the elements gets plain ugly. Grass/Jelly also depicts the ‘b;oat and shrivel of life’, according to the creators who have also put together a flckr show of over 500 snapshots showing the ravages of time and nature. Our personal favorite jelly is the one that contains the doll with blue hair, surrounded by all those embedded curlers.

Artists: Nigel Peterson + Deborah Walsh
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