"Untitled, #21"
by sabine7 / April 3, 2007
The hyperrealist paintings of Winnipeg artist Karel Funk consist of many thin layers of acrylic that reflect the light, based on techniques of the Dutch and Flemish schools of the 17th century. The details of these paintings draw the viewer, regardless of the fact that the subjects turn their backs to us. Funk has painted hooded males in parkas, an unusual topic (but not if you’re from Winnipeg), rendering each wrinkle and bump in the surface with precision. This crispness results in a clean fresh beauty. You’d swear each jacket had a personality of its own.

Artist: Karel Funk
+ 303gallery.com

Karel Funk’s work is currently on exhibit at the 303 Gallery in New York through April 7th.


Untitled, #24

Untitled, #19


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