"Beach Shack, Cape Cod"
by sabine7 / March 23, 2007
Maureen Gallace’s small simple oils are often of the same subjects, the barns and beach shacks, the shorelines and pathways, the porches and long quiet days of New England. At first glance these works seem like oversimplified works akin to something one step up from modern take on a traditional paint-by-number, but there is a light and stillness to the works that can be interpreted as either extreme peacefulness or a more dangerous calm before the storm. Her structures have few windows, if any. Her landscapes are unpeopled. Let the imagination loose and the lightness of the paintings can become just a little bit heavier.

Artist: Maureen Gallace
+ maureenpaley.com

Maureen Gallace’s recent works are on exhibit at the Maureen Paley Gallery in London until April 15.


Last Summer

Old Silver Beach


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