"Mama Baby, Procession"
by sabine7 / March 7, 2007
Justine Kurland’s new series, Of Woman Born, represents a journey across America that the artist took with her one-year-old in a van. Along the way she met other mothers and their young children and used beaches and national parks as backdrops to her ode to motherhood. The lush natural settings along shorelines, under waterfalls and against rich foliage give the photographs an almost unnatural air, but that is clearly because the eye is not used to seeing groups of mothers nursing babies or cavorting with toddlers, all in the altogether. That’s what it is – a surfeit of nature somehow doesn’t seem right. But it sure looks good.

Artist: Justine Kurland
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Of Woman Born runs through April 7th at the Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery in New York.


Sea Stack


Waterfall, Mama Babies


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