Untitled - Ariel Orozco
by sabine7 / February 28, 2007
Viewing photography by artist Ariel Orozco is an opportunity to catch one’s breath and ponder in peace. It is difficult to know right away which direction to let those thoughts take, as sometimes the work is immediately provocative, as in the case of the topsy-turvy sleeping pattern. Other pieces lead to a different sort of reflection, such as the photo of the gravesite that reflects the sky, and possibly heaven, above. The photo of the paving stone on its own seems to make no sense until one sees the accompanying picture where there happens to be a stone missing.

More Ariel Orozco tomorrow. But not what you’re expecting.

Artist: Ariel Orozco
+ suzanne-tarasieve.com

The Suzanne Tarasiève Gallery in Paris is showing works by Ariel Orozco through March 10th.





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