"Couches Bébé Longueuil 2005"
by sabine7 / March 6, 2007

The vastly successful multinational world of fast food is sometimes dotted with failure. What appears to be a KFC outlet above is actually a diaper outlet and variety store. For his Reclamation project, New York based photographer Colwyn Griffith searches out abandoned fast food buildings and tracks their evolution. Some remain derelict, while others are purchased by small business owners who may be banking on the recognition factor. In a few cases the new business goes on to become successful and patrons soon see it for what it really is. But the less successful always appear to bear the traces of bad luck and hard times.

Artist: Colwyn Griffith
+ colwyngriffith.com

Dick's Merivale Rd Ottawa 2004
Casa do Churrasco Dalhousie St Ottawa 2004
Deli-Plus Papineau Ave Montreal 2004


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