"Havidol: When More is Not Enough"
by sabine7 / February 14, 2007
Justine Cooper mixes her art with science – the science of the little blue pill of happiness, Havidol, “when more is not enough”. Sound familiar? Through a mix of commercials and print ads, as well as official merchandise, Cooper hypes the cult of the quick fix meds. A complete marketing campaign parodies our relentless quest for perfection. Happy people in swimming pools tell us that lifestyle-threatening conditions can be treatable and we believe them because the water is so darn aqua and their teeth are great. A world of rainbows is just one pill away. The videos must be seen. Or have we already seen them?

Artist: Justine Cooper
+ daneyalmahmood.com

Havidol: When More is Not Enough runs through March 10 at the Daneyal Mahmood Gallery in New York.



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