by sabine7 / January 15, 2007

Alison Petty’s ceramics beg to be touched and this cry for caress can be attributed to the artist’s use of rubber and glass, as well as other materials in conjunction with her thrown abstract sculptures. Petty’s point of view is that when any of her porcelain pieces are thrown on the wheel, the sense of touch is highly important as a working tool towards the end result. By the same token, touching the finished product would thus be an integral part of the experience. This artist combines rubber with porcelain and glass as a sort of protective contrast, but also because of how much like skin it feels, remembering the skin’s role in protecting the fragility that lies beneath. Other signature effects are found when Petty combines her porcelains with mass-produced objects, like Slinkies and rubber balls.

Artist: Alison Petty
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Somatic Spill



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