by sabine7 / January 16, 2007

Kristi Malakoff is quite handy at wielding a knife. Malakoff takes the two-dimensional and adds one more, bringing inanimate objects to life by painstakingly cutting out details from currency, books and wallpaper and creating vivid, large-scale installations with them. Garden is a room-sized installation where the artist has hung thousands of flowers and birds cut from the wallpaper that surrounds them, gaps revealed. Behind it is Orchard, with oranges and leaves now hanging from a tree, seemingly have leapt from their wallpaper. Swarm is an installation of 6000 butterflies photocopied onto transparencies and attached to the gallery wall. Brother and Sister is a piece in a plexiglass case constructed from 3 thousand lira bills. Malakoff creates new realms for the viewer who must now look at old things in new ways.

Artist: Kristi Malakoff
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Brother and Sister



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