"Parade Leftovers"
by sabine7 / January 18, 2007

Ryan Sluggett’s mixed media works of acrylic, oil, gouache, pencil crayon and ink are reflections of a world where the inhabitants have overindulged in one way or another. This concept is clear in People and Their Indigestion, but we see the same sort of thing in Parade Leftovers, where the spectators still cannot leave when the parade is over, unsure as to whether they have been sated or not. In the case of Actors and Citizens, the indulgence is either in too much reality or in its avoidance. Common themes, yes, but Sluggett’s style of cubist-like jottings and splashes of colour work together to bring them home.

Artist: Ryan Sluggett
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People and Their Digestions

Actors and Citizens


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