"Turn 16312 July 2004"
by sabine7 / January 8, 2007

Bill Sullivan’s interest and capabilities in situational photography bring us some fascinating photographs of ordinary people going about their business, their postures and facial expressions captured forever. In this type of photography the image must be a candid one and the photographer must be visible to the subject, although the camera remains hidden. The background must always be consistent, as must the context. For his Subway Turnstile Pictures project (entitled More Turns), Sullivan pretended to be reading as he waited for each subject to push the turnstile bar. What is remarkable is the fact that most people do not wear neutral expressions. All sorts of emotion can be read, or read into, as the viewer looks at each face. We may think we are expressionless, or unreadable, as we do seemingly innocuous things, but the truth is that so much about us betrays what may be going on inside or tells of who we are. The two other projects involve subjects caught as an elevator door opens and closes, and those who were posing for portraits done by street artists at Times Square.

Artist: Bill Sullivan
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