"Airs Above the Ground"
by sabine7 / December 22, 2006

Anne-Marie Kornachuk's series Airs Above the Ground is a study of contrasts with the focus on the figure between the air and the ground. Kornachuk says it best herself: “Is it fantasy or reality, clumsiness or grace, contentment or anxiety, playfulness or anger, need or independence? … The formal dress struggles with rigidity and confinement, perhaps societal expectations, internal pressures, as well as beauty, seduction, luxury and sophistication. It is my intention to create a narrative, allowing the viewer to explore in which state of being the figure falls. A transition through fantasy, longing, desire and what is real.” But on a purely visual level, the viewer is drawn to the play between the light and the folds, the movement and the implied crispness. You can almost hear the dress.

Artist: Anne-Marie Kornachuk
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