by sabine7 / December 21, 2006

More blue in a box? Funny how these things happen … Except this time it is polymer clay in a wooden box, a piece called Adrift by Noah Nakell. This is from the Portable Disaster series, which plays on a common feeling of vulnerability in the face of something larger and more powerful than oneself. Fear, and the fragility that goes along with this disabler is something that we all go through, and this is so tidily symbolized by the tiny boat adrift on the rough, beautiful seas. Perhaps we can contain these in the boxes that Nakell has so thoughtfully provided. Would that we could pack it all up and kick it under the bed, or throw it away, when it all becomes too choppy, or when it feels like the quicksand will never release us.

Artist: Noah Nakell
+ noahnakell.com

Adrift (detail)

Breach (detail)



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