"Box Vortex"
by sabine7 / December 20, 2006

The title of Casey Logan’s current show at the little tree gallery in San Francisco is I Believe in the Power of the Absurd, a moniker that can quite nicely lend itself to much of Logan’s work. Particularly fascinating is the vortex created out of blue duct tape in a cardboard box. One looks at it and it makes perfect sense, even though such a concept would not have occurred to anyone before sighting this sculptural work. And then when it is placed upon a beach with the ocean as a backdrop, it suddenly gets even better. Most of Logan’s pieces have a science project feel to them, like the globe that he has cut in half to insert a speaker in each side. From this sound system come noises created by natural phenomena. Boats, planes, geology and waves are all part of this particular course outline, with some sombreros and cowboys hats thrown for good measure.

Artist: Casey Logan
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