"Mothers of Destruction"
by sabine7 / December 19, 2006

Nicola Verlato’s recent series of paintings called Mothers of Destruction are raunchy depictions of chap-wearing, bare-breasted mothers who hurtle through the universe (or perhaps just over Kansas) amidst a cyclonic mess of eggs, dish soap and the kitchen sink. These paintings are full of movement, action, anguish, strength and power, along with a few rubber toys and some sort of Yoda-Dobby. Technically these pieces are amazing (go to the link for a larger format), so rich in detail, so much layering. At first glance these cowgals might not resemble any mothers you know, but you don’t have to look hard to recognize the signs of a maternal bad day.

Artist: Nicola Verlato
+ nicolaverlato.com
+ stuxgallery.com

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