by sabine7 / December 18, 2006

Adam Neate is a street artist who leaves his artwork in the streets once he has done. For Neate, the sense of accomplishment and enjoyment comes from the creating. Once he has finished, he has no need to linger over a piece, admiring it. No, Neate places it in that big ol’ outdoor gallery we call life and moves on. But of all the passersby, how many actually notice a piece of Neate’s work? Of those, how many stop to take a closer look? Do some people help themselves? Are there collectors that lurk in Neate’s East London neighbourhood, waiting for the next painting or drawing to appear? What a lively concept! Kudos to an artist who can make people take a better look at their surroundings.

Artist: Adam Neate
+ adamneate.co.uk





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