"Nan, One Month After Being Battered"
by sabine7 / December 16, 2006

On some levels it would seem that there is very little posing in Nan Goldin’s photographs. But as autobiographical as they are, the very idea of recording pain and hurt as they happen does involve a certain willingness to reveal one’s most private moments. Can this meeting with the lens be construed as some sort of posturing? Nan Goldin features prominently in her own work and her bruises serve to heighten the impact of the other photographs. The hard times that befall her circle make up a lot of Goldin’s work, which makes for heavy viewing. But as some artists specialize in unpeopled landscapes, the role of others is to show aspects of life just as realistic and natural as the unspoiled scenes of nature.

Artist: Nan Goldin
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Misty and Jimmy Paulette in a taxi, NYC

Nan and Brian in Bed

Self-Portrait on Train


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