"Two With Any To, #10"
by sabine7 / December 5, 2006

The Art of Richard Tuttle is a museum survey of the artist’s work that includes sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking, installation work and artist’s books comprised of many a sketch and painting, currently on at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. This presentation of Tuttle’s work is such a comprehensive introduction to an important Postminimalist who first emerged in the mid-60s and has carried on through to today with a vast array of seemingly simple pieces that draw the viewer in towards the search for understanding or the quiet acceptance of the artist’s poetry, so much of it so different, yet fluid in its connection to one another. Highlights include Tuttle's wire, pencil and shadow installations and canvas shapes. For those who do not know Tuttle’s work, this exhibition is the perfect way to become completely captivated with not only this artist, but the nature of art itself. On through February 4, 2007.

Artist: Richard Tuttle
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+ speronewestwater.com

Title I

Ten Sided Pale Orange Canvas


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