This Week at Art MoCo
by sabine7 / November 27, 2006

Richard Bosman started the week with paintings that took us through a walk in the woods, or at least nearby. But Bosman’s work was not always a walk in the park: his water paintings depicted a much more powerful and violent force.

Bill Owens was seduced by suburbia in 1968 and has rendered homage to his muse ever since. One can refer to this collection of photography as retro, vintage and iconic, but it must be said that it was, at some point, all real life.

Well, Bill Owens was seduced by suburbia and then we were seduced by his work, so we continued to look at more of his photography. We can’t get enough – he’ll be back on Sunday.

The power of the written word is highlighted by Fiona Banner who creates nudes out of descriptions. And obviously, she has a way with words, going as far as creating sculpture out of punctutation.

And we end this week with the winner of an invitational student art competition in Canada where visual arts grads vie for fame and fortune. Sort of. One of the winners this year was Amanda Rhodenizer who weathers her work into something more comfortable. SM

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