"Len, Fernando and Their Daughter Isa"
by sabine7 / November 22, 2006

The idea of a conventional family is one that varies enormously and the recent series called Perfect Families by Gwyneth Leech shows just how diverse the modern family can be. Having children with special needs, same sex parenting, mixed-race marriage and transracial adoption are all situations that still can turn heads. Leech calls this a “conspicuous family” and commemorates this diversity with her sensitive portraits of real families from her New York City neighbourhood. The paintings themselves are simple portraits and the topic should not even be considered out of the ordinary, but eventually it will go from being one that is modern and contemporary to a fact unworthy of any note. One day.

Artist: Gwyneth Leech
+ gwynethleech.com

Elisa and Skylar with Mom and Dad

Amy and Her Children Maya and Calder


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