Boring Postcards USA
by sabine7 / November 26, 2006

Follow-up to Boring Postcards (the grey one), Boring Postcards USA (in beige) by Martin Parr, who collects them, is exactly what it purports to be: many boring postcard bound together in a book without text. Lots of blue sky and deadly dull scenes of toll booths, cafeterias and interstate highways. But somehow the plain cover and simple title are odd enough to catch the eye and once inside, it is too easy to linger. Much time is spent asking “why?, and then even more investigating the details in a “where’s Waldo” sort of search for the point of it all. Boring is the new fascinating and this is the perfect book to while away time spent in boring queues or waiting rooms. Great for storytelling.

Paperback, 176 pages, Phaidon 2004, $9.95 at Amazon.

+ Boring Postcards USA at Amazon

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