"Making Fiends"
by sabine7 / November 17, 2006

All week we have been checking out the work of artists brought to our attention by Amy Rice. We really hit the jackpot when she suggested the short films done by Amy Winfrey, in particular Making Fiends. This animation done by an animator from UCLA with South Park experience is hilariously simple, sweetly deviant and weirdly cute. No, cutely weird. Making Fiends pits the green and evil Vendetta (and her giant hamster) against goody blue Charlotte who is more interested in making friends. Vendetta’s special talent is making fiends. Also of note are Winfrey’s Muffin Films, where muffins are more assertive than ever before. Mere words cannot adequately do justice to the most excellent animations of Amy Winfrey – all episodes can be viewed on the websites. Go straight there.

Artist: Amy Winfrey
+ makingfiends.com
+ muffinfilms.com






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