"Untitled 314"
by sabine7 / October 27, 2006

Born in Colombia and based in Florida, Tata Navia actually has a background in dentistry. Her current Toronto exhibition, Personae, focuses on chairs, alone or in groups, that take on the role of the characters in Navia’s narratives. The artist plays constantly with various arrangements and the musical chairs that result are delightful pieces set on stages of various colours. Navia spotlights the chairs and their shadows as they dance, float, congregate, exclude, lead, follow, meet, mount, balance, scatter, sulk and so much more…

Artist: Tata Navia
+ odonwagnergallery.com

Personae continues at the Odon Wagner Gallery in Toronto through November 11.

Untitled 276

Untitled 307

Untitled 315


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