"Geometric Color"
by sabine7 / November 7, 2006

Joseph Conforti’s raku ceramic sculptures are bursts of shiny colour just begging to be touched and, as human nature would have it, rearranged. Conforti’s Geometric Color is a series of three panels comprised of many round pegs fitting into as many square-framed round holes. Make of it what you will. His Multi-Colored Mosaic is made up of over 300 raku swatches and the Totems are more of an adult stack-‘em sculpture. And although the pieces features are all brightly hued, make no mistake: Conforti is just as adept in neutral tones or black on black.

Artist: Joseph Conforti
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Geometric Color

conforti_multi_mosaic_oct_0.jpg conforti_totems_oct_06.jpg
Multi-colored Mosaic / Totems


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