"Fantasmi, mostri, incubi"
by sabine7 / October 12, 2006

Jorge Macchi’s current exhibition, Due volte nello stesso fiume (Twice in the same river), uses the notion of space as a recurring motif. Fantasmi, mostri, incubi is a clever look at a newspaper with all the articles carefully cut out, leaving nothing but the space and a few words from headlines here and there. Bed and Breakfast is an amusing twist on bare bones hospitality, with the two objects taking up, and creating, space. And Due volte nello stesso fiume (II) is a river made out of a map showing the Tiber River. Again, it is not only the river that stands out but the space left between the pretzel-like twists and turns.

Artist: Jorge Macchi
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Due volte nello stesso fiume runs through December 2, at the Galleria Continua in San Gimignano.

Bed and Breakfast

Due volte nello stesso fiume (II)


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