"Ohne titel"
by sabine7 / October 6, 2006

Carolein Smit’s ceramics are not your standard figures of humans and animals. There is something otherworldly about Smit’s work, especially in the case of the figures that hide under their long hair. These all-white sculptures convey a sense of desperation, especially via the barely glimpsed fingers that appear to be gripping their heads. The animals depicted by Smit are suffering in some way; the rodent in the teacup won’t last long, and there is a sheep with its legs bound. And the small angel with its fingers in its mouth – is this out of hunger or fear?

Artist: Carolein Smit
+ galerie-schultz.de

The exhibit “Stachelsporn am Set” runs through October 16th at the Galerie Michael Schultz in Berlin.

Kleine Engel

Hunting Cup Haasje


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