"The Collector-ibles"
by sabine7 / October 4, 2006

One of artist Jennifer Dalton’s favorite subjects is the art world. So it comes as no surprise that her latest show is filled with art collectors, or least miniatures of them. Dalton’s installation, The Collector-ibles, consists of 200 gold-painted action figures with tiny, colour-coded shopping bags representing their field of (art) interest. The figures represent the top 200 art collectors as listed by ART-news magazine last year and are fixed upon bases that indicate how the collectors made their money (a dollar bill would mean they hail from the financial world; gold leaf shows that the wealth was inherited). Each day Dalton's two-year-old picks the featured collector at random. Another piece in Dalton’s current show is called Art Guide with blue push pins representing shows mounted by male artists, pink ones females, to highlight a 2:1 ratio in Chelsea exhibitions.

Artist: Jennifer Dalton
+ jenniferdalton.com

Jennifer Dalton's show runs at the Winkleman Plus Ultra Gallery in New York through October 14.




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