"Le Donne! e Lei 1/3"
by sabine7 / September 14, 2006

Eri Komura paints women being women. At first the canvases seem to be simple pop art renditions of dark hair and red dresses, but when looked at as a whole we see Komura’s very clear take on a female universe. Women talking about other women, women feeling the exclusion. The clique groups together and pretends (sometimes) to look nonchalant, as though they have no power over the others. The excluded woman stands alone, looking defiant because, really, what choice does she have? And eventually it all self-destructs.

Artist: Eri Komura
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Le Donne! e Lei 2/3

Le Donne - La Battaglia Infinita 4/4

Le Donne - Dopo la Battaglia


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