"Map of the World"
by sabine7 / August 14, 2006

Stefana McClure transforms text and other two-dimensional works on paper into 3D sculptures by slicing them into thin strips and then rolling them into balls. A map of the world becomes a globe. A Tintin comic book re-emerges as both a ball (The Seven Crystal balls) and as a speech bubble. Dvorak’s New World Symphonies take on the form of the world. Funny, original, and easy on the eye.

Artist: Stefana McClure
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Antonin Dvorak New World Symphonies (numbers 8 & 9) in full score, 2006, cut paper, 17 inches circumference

Les Aventures de Tintin, Les 7 Boules de Cristal: a comic book by Hergé, 2006, cut paper, 11 inches circumference


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