"Colour Reading and Contexture"
by sabine7 / July 21, 2006

Colour Reading and Contexture, an installation by Jacob Dahlgren, is so gloriously colourful and physical that it is tempting to speak of, and show, nothing else. However, Dahlgren has created so many lively and wonderful installations that it would be a shame to not mention a few more. Like the thousands of yoghurt containers attached together or the 32,000 silk ribbons that were hung side by side. Or even the 350 people who were dressed in striped shirts (from Dahlgren’s personal collection of over 800) and sent to carry on throughout a Swedish shopping mall as a living installation. Art that makes us feel excitedly alive.

Artist: Jacob Dahlgren
+ jacobdahlgren.com

Yoghurt Containers

Silk Ribbons

Striped Sweaters


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