"Female Mussel"
by sabine7 / July 11, 2006

Ralf Metzenmacher, formerly a product designer at PUMA, has put together a portfolio that focuses on the depiction of femininity via the shell in various forms or displaying different personalities. The mussel is the most feminine of all the renderings, but there is also a snail shell that transforms into Swiss cheese, a symbol for the housewife. Another shell turns into a knitting dolly and one is somehow a cross between a shell, a car and a coffeepot, taking the artist back down a lane of memories of his aunt. Not only does each piece come with a detailed history, but Metzenmacher’s works are available in different colours as well.

Artist: Ralf Metzenmacher
+ pinselartist.de

Knitting Dolly

Housewife's Snail

Coffee Aunt


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