Reto Boller
by sabine7 / June 16, 2006

Swiss artist Reto Boller divides his works between sculptural installations and in-situ pieces that jolt the viewer into thinking long and hard about space, both personal and public, and how art can or must invade it. Part of Boller’s current exhibition consists of a section of the gallery covered in red adhesive, giving the impression of freshly poured red paint. One is almost tricked into thinking that this is preparation for an upcoming installation, rather than the installation itself. And the moment when the light bulb goes off, the viewer becomes less comfortable with the work because then it takes more effort to understand or appreciate. After all, who wants to be caught seeing red?

Artist: Reto Boller

The James Nicholson Gallery in New York presents the work of Reto Boller through June 24th.

Broken Coloured Glass

Aluminum and Wood

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