"Sweet Tooth"
by sabine7 / June 12, 2006

Eating bonbons on a chaise longue may constitute the good life, but the sweets offered by artist Vadis Turner are anything but sugar-coated. Turner uses materials that make up the reality of womens lives, the flotsam and jetsam of every day. Twist ties, sponges, pantyhose, cotton balls, matchsticks, cellophane these are the sugar and spice that Turner uses for her box of chocolates. Office memo pads, calendar pages and take-out restaurant menus are quilted into testaments of the workday or sculpted into full-size gowns. Tabloids compete with works of fiction in other quilts and bobby pins explode into an installation. The works of Vadis Turner will make you smile in easy recognition, yet cringe at the ordinariness of it all.

Artist: Vadis Turner
+ holasekweir.com

The Vadis Turner exhibition at the Holasek Weir Gallery in New York closes June 15th.

Office Quilt

Calendar Dress


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