"The Top of the World"
by sabine7 / June 6, 2006

“I told my classmates that I was a Greater Bird of Paradise, but really I’m a Lesser Bird of Paradise. I just wanted them to like me, and it’s not like anyone can tell the difference anyway.” This is the text at the bottom of a drawing by Jenny Kendler, an artist whose work shows her concerns with the state of our relationship with the natural world. Kendler works in a variety of media, but the themes that run throughout her pieces are stories of nature and culture and art’s role in connecting the two. It all boils down to our place in the environment and Kendler shows her points of view through digital imaging, drawing, painting, video and installation art that combines some of her styles.

Artist: Jenny Kendler
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The Last Iceberg (and details)

I Told My Classmates That I Was a Greater Bird of Paradise


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