"Red Core"
by sabine7 / May 29, 2006

Bean Finneran's colourful sculptures are reminiscent of the work of Shayne Dark, but instead of using branches, as Dark does, Finneran rolls clay into curves that are then assembled into the sculptures. Hundreds or even thousands of these curves are used in Finneran's work which is always site specific as the pieces cannot be moved intact. The curve, a form found throughout the human body, has been chosen because this shape lends itself well to weaving and being part of Finneran's constructions that often resemble haystacks, sea anemones or coral reefs, albeit in out-of-nature colours.

Artist: Bean Finneran
+ nancymargolisgallery.com

A few of Bean Finnerans installations can be seen at the Nancy Margolis Gallery in New York through June 10th.





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