"Inka Essenhigh 2005"
by sabine7 / May 18, 2006

It is fascinating when artists directly address the making of art and Joe Fig is no exception as he creates miniatures of other artists and their studios. How truly artistic is that? There is a tiny Jackson Pollock doing mad things with his paint, a mini Andy Warhol leans over his screens, Inka Essenhigh sits back and contemplates her work. As a result of his extensive research into the work lives of his contemporaries, Fig’s new exhibition of his latest studio renditions incorporates audio interviews conducted with the artists who are subjects of his work.

Artist: Joe Fig
+ joefig.com

The latest works by Joe Fig are showing at the Plus Ultra Gallery in New York through May 27th.

Brancusi 1928

Jackson Pollock 1951

Matthew Ritchie 2003


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