Contemporary Lace-Draping
by sabine7 / May 15, 2006

Fine porcelain lace-draping does not at first sound evocative of modern contemporary art, but when Shary Boyle’s porcelain figurines enter the picture, all becomes clear. Lace-draping is a delicate and traditional way of decorating china statuettes, where cotton lace that has been saturated in liquid porcelain is applied onto the greenware. When the piece is fired, the lace burns away, leaving a porcelain filigree. What makes Boyle’s pieces so imaginative, however, are their mutations. One figure has two heads, another holds its severed head in its hands, still another has many eyes and half a dozen arms. Yet all are as feminine and detailed as highly sought-after collectors’ items, if not more so.

Artist: Shary Boyle

Shary Boyle’s Lace Figures are on exhibit at Toronto’s Power Plant until May 28th.



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