"Selfish Grandma"
by sabine7 / May 9, 2006

The compositions of Matthew Cerletty’s figurative paintings and drawings entice the viewers in, and then keep them there, wondering how to get in even deeper. Why is the grandmother teasing? Does the set of her lips mean she is angry? Or just very serious about the whole thing? Why is the girl in the charcoal drawing wishing she had a twin (a recurring element in Cerletty’s work)? For whom is the young man waiting in the Last Chance Dance? Did someone else give him the two corsages? All that can be assumed is that no one is giving anything else away.

Artist: Matthew Cerletty
+ mathewcerletty.com

Falling Water, an exhibition by Matthew Cerletty, opens at the Rivington Arms in New York – May 18th to June 18th.

Wishing I Had A Twin


Last Chance Dance


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