"French Fries"
by sabine7 / May 3, 2006

Southern California artist Raul Guerrero's wide-ranging styles provide us with an assortment of topics that mix humour and history quite readily. Guerrero draws upon various cultural references for his many series. Fast food from Latin and North American cultures is given personality in one collection; the King of Spain sports different pieces of fruit on his head in another. All patrons of commercial establishments have timepieces for heads in a third. Indigenous peoples and conquering nations also come into play in Guerrero's oeuvre, a rich and colourful spectrum of exploration.

Artist: Raul Guerrero
+ raulguerrero.com

Raul Guerreros exhibition "Problemas y Secretos Maravillosos de Las Indias/
Problems and Marvelous Secrets of the Indies" is at Billy Shire Fine Arts in Culver City through May 20th.

Whaling Bar

Black Hills of South Dakota

Southern California Landscape: The Lovers

King of Spain with Watermelon


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