"5024, 2005"
by sabine7 / April 28, 2006

Jörg Sasse is, simply, a master of beautiful photography. However, he is not necessarily the original photographer behind all of his works. Sasse chooses pictures and compositional elements from his vast collection of photos (some of them by strangers and amateurs) before manipulating them digitally into tableaux that display a new reality. The original photos are scanned into his computer and then Sasse proceeds to play with size, colour and lighting. Elements are removed or added, shifted and cleaned up until the artist is pleased with a final creation or rendition. The results are compelling scenes and sections of artistry.

Artist: Jörg Sasse
+ c42.de

A new exhibition by Jörg Sasse opens today at the Kunst Verein in Hannover and runs through June 18th.

2075, 2003

9161, 2005

9057, 2003

9137, 2004


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