by sabine7 / April 24, 2006

Nina Levy’s hyper-realist works touch the theme of family, as displayed by her recent exhibition at Metaphor Contemporary Art in Brooklyn. Family Resemblance included Toss, a sculptural installation created for the space that included a five-foot baby head, modeled after the artist’s son, being tossed between two headless parents. Husband and Son is a lifelike sculpture that includes everything but the dad’s head, suggesting the importance of the child in the new dynamic. Some photographs were also part of the exhibition – and here it is important to note that Levy does not digitally manipulate her photos to achieve the desired effect, but works with plaster pieces she creates for the narrative.

Artist: Nina Levy
+ ninalevy.com


levy_husband_side_apr_06.jpg levy_toss_apr_06.jpg
Husband and Son / Toss



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