"Slug A Bug"
by sabine7 / April 27, 2006

Based all over the world (Bulgaria, Sao Paulo, Miami), it is no surprise that Edgar Gomez should work in mixed media and collage, creating works made up of a variety of elements, and styles. At times his message is urban, at others very pop, but always vibrant and expressive. Evident in Gomez’s work is a sense of humour and an affinity for a retro esthetic (not to mention leanings towards the burlesque), all of which combine in some very contemporary offerings.

Artist: Edgar Gomez
+ gomezvisual.com

With the Death in O's Face

gomez_in_week_26_apr_06.jpg gomez_clown_game_apr_06.jpg
In Week 26 / Clown's Game

Colour Utopia 11


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