"Pickles and Beer"
by sabine7 / April 19, 2006

Tracey Snelling mixes small-scale construction with photography to create fantastic c-prints of imaginary cityscapes that verge on the lonely and desolate. But when her constructions are presented as installations, there is often the addition of film footage on dvd, or music, or even scent (different garbage smells in an alley), in order to truly capture a mood. It is hard for the viewer to decide which aspect to appreciate the most: the miniature nature of the work, the dollhouse size constructions that reveal photos at the windows, the surrealism of the photography or the special effects. Why choose? It’s all good.

Artist: Tracey Snelling
+ thelittleartfactory.com

Bernal Heights

snelling_tenement_apr_06.jpg snelling_lilac_apr_06.jpg
Tenement / Lilac

Will Rogers


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