"Dandelion, Saucer, Surgeon's Glow, Dandelion Seeds"
by sabine7 / April 20, 2006

Serbian artist Bozidar Djokic creates interesting juxtapositions using digital photography. The results are always delicate, in spite of the occasional entrance made by a tongue or pursed lips. The fragility of a dandelion is balanced by the stability of a china saucer, paper is set in contrast to cheese. Some of the diptychs are more expected, like that of sky and grass, but the onion/grater pairing against the mouth and flute comes more as a surprise.

Artist: Bozidar Djokic
+ ww1.infosky.net

Onion, Grater, Mouth, Flute, Paper, Hand

Sky, Grass

Teaspoon, Photo of a Hand, Teacup, Water, Chain


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