by sabine7 / April 11, 2006

Dave Bown’s Cipher series is linked by two essential elements: code and colour. Every piece in this collection contains an encoded message, as Bown assigned alpha and numeric values to each sequence of colours. But it’s not just about the message. The medium plays a role in the display of the code. Bown works with a wide-ranging repertoire, from the more traditional idea of paint on canvas to coloured Styrofoam cups or enamel-filled bubble wrap, not to mention cake sprinkles in a syringe or brightly-tipped cigarettes. So much fun to look at, you sort of forget to search for the meaning.

Artist: Dave Bown
+ davebown.org

Cipher Union X 25th Street

bownd_cipher_fix_viii_apr_0.jpg bownd_cipher_key_ii_apr_06.jpg
Cipher Fix VIII / Cipher Key II

Cipher Phi Iris 12 Act I


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