"600X VI"
by sabine7 / April 10, 2006

Ryan Bown's medium of choice is the humble cotton swab. That's right, medium, not tool. Bown creates geometric forms based on chaos theory, all formed using hundreds of painted cotton swabs. The result is the 600X series, a selection of colourful circles with raised surfaces – not unlike a donut crossed with a ruptured Contac–C capsule. Moreover, Bown has also started cotton swab portraiture. Mitosis, both in black and white and colour.

Artist: Ryan Bown
+ ryanbown.org

600X e (detail)

bownr_600x_iiii_apr_06.jpg bownr_600x_v_apr_06.jpg
600X III / 600X V

bownr_mitosis_iii_apr_06.jpg bownr_mitosis_v_apr_06.jpg
Mitosis III / Mitosis V


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